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 Quilters Dream Batting uses the finest fibers and state of the art manufacturing to bring you quilt batting of unsurpassed quality and consistency.  We use the softest silkiest high-quality fibers so that your quilt will resist shrinkage and stay soft yet strong and wonderfully drapeable.  Each batt is hand cut and carefully inspected.  Quilters Dream Batting proudly presents premium quality quilt batting that will provide warmth, drape, volume, definition and support to your quilt through generations.  
Quilters Dream Cotton – 100% cotton batting with no scrim, glues, or binders
Quilters Dream Poly – wonderful soft denier microfibers. You won’t believe it is polyester!
Quilters Dream Angel – heavenly batting made 100% from flame retardant fibers
Dream Blend for Machines – 70% cotton and 30% poly microfibers needle punched through an ultralight scrim base
Quilters Dream Wool – shearly beautiful soft and luxurious wool batting
Quilters Dream Puff – light as a feather, yet warmer than down with 1/3-1/2” of loft
Quilters Dream Green – wonderful polyester batting made 100% from recycled plastic bottles
Quilters Dream Orient – luxurious blend of silk, bamboo, cotton, and Tencel
Quilters Dream 80/20 – beautiful blend of 80% cotton and 20% fine denier polyester
Quilters Dream Fusible 80/20 – soft, smooth, & consistent; a unique approach to fusible batting

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Quilters Dream Natural Cotton Supreme Double+, 96 in X 93 in


Quilters Dream Natural Cotton Supreme King 120 in X 122 in


Quilters Dream Natural Cotton Supreme SuperQueen 121 in X 93 in


Quilters Dream Natural Cotton Supreme Twin 93 in X 72 in


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