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We offer many services both in shop and at your location.

In home training, set up and transportation of used machine vs. machine bought in shop


Within 50 miles from Deer Park, WA

51-150 miles from Deer Park, WA

Bought in shop (unlimited miles)

Pro-Stitcher Basic Training 2-3 hours



Included in Advanced

Pro-Stitcher Advanced Training 8+hours



Free with Pro-Stitcher Purchase

Table/ Frame Setup

Studio or Gallery



Free with purchase of Infinity, Forte' and Fusion

Table/ Frame Setup

Little Foot



Free with purchase of

Avante', Amara or Simply 16

Sweet Sixteen or Capri' Table Setup AND Training



Free with Purchase of Sweet 16 or Capri' (any table)

Transportation of machine

Price varies call for details

Price varies call for details

Free with any machine


Pro-Stitcher Basic Training: The basic training is your intro to automated Quilting. Covering how to properly active the system, basic entry of designs, importing designs, using channel locks and starting patterns.

Pro-Stitcher Advanced Training: Buckle up as we take you through the entire basics class in the first few hours. Then we dive into modifying designs, using art and stitch, blending multiple patterns, and every function the Pro-Stitcher offers. This typically turns into a 2 day training.

Gallery/Studio frame Setup: Setting up a larger table and frame can be a massive handful if you aren’t familiar with them or what it takes. We come in, assembly, level, how to load and check everything. This takes easily 5-6 hours with our experience. You can do it yourself but expect to take a full day or more.

Little Foot Frame Setup: The little foot is the space saving answer for stand up machines but that doesn’t stop it from taking plenty of time to setup. During the setup we go through how to adjust the height, hoop and how to load the hoop.

Sweet Sixteen table and Training: All three 3 tables for the Sweet Sixteen need assembly, we happily do this to help make sure it is ready for all your quilting. We put together everything for you then teach you the basics of using the sweet and table.

We are accepting a limited number of new machines for service and/or maintenance other than Handi-Quilter and Brother machines. Thank you for your patience and understanding. We offer in shop cleaning for most all makes and models of machines, sergers, long-arms, and embroidery machines. Prices vary but your machine cleanings start around $85 dollars. This includes a full cleaning, lube and testing of all major parts. each machine gets at least 2 hours of attention. Our longarm annual cleanings start at $125, this includes opening the machine to remove all dust, threads and debris, a full cleaning, lubricating, test of all major parts. Depending on the brand and model it can take longer with more intensive work. We can travel to do cleanings and repairs, prices for this can vary based on distance and machine.

In shop we offer sharpening of Scissors and pinking sheers at $6.50 dollars for scissors, and $8.50 for pinking sheers.

Custom and commission quilting is available in shop. Twila uses her decades of experience combined with our HQ Infinity and Pro-Stitcher to achieve your perfect design. From all over designs to hand done free motion she can get just the right look you want. Prices start at 2 cents( for a basic simple All over deign.  This is not for tightly or highly quilted designs.  Examples: Stipple or leaves and loops) per square inch and go up to 5 3/4 cents per square inch for custom designs. Please call or come in for more details.

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