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Sept. 2022 Newsletter

Good morning and Happy September. 


Wow, can you believe it is already September and Fall is just around the corner.  Are you ready for cool crisp days, the loveliness of the changing color of the leaves and getting back into your sewing and quilting projects?  Prepping to make sure everything is ready for the family holidays ahead.


The Washington State Quilters are so busy prepping everything for their quilt show that is back on after 2 years of not being able to have it.  We will be there as a vendor once again in our regular spot in Bay 3.  Come on by, say hi and watch for our special email the night before to see what we have in store just for our newsletter folks.  For those of you who are new to this…..I send out a special message the night before and it is a special offer that is good ONLY for those on our email list who are customers of our shop.  Keep an eye out, but remember THIS MESSAGE CAN NOT BE SHARED, fore warded or made public in any way.  If it is, then it is voided for all.


We have several classes scheduled for the upcoming couple of months.  Hopefully there is something you are interested in.  If not, then please let us know what you would like to have and we will do our best to make it happen.


September Classes and Groups:


Sept. 7   9:30-1:30  Sampler Quilt Class.  This is a 4 part classes of skill building by making 12 different blocks in our custom designed Sampler quilt with Naomi.  #3


Sept. 9   10-?   Mystery Quilt Club #2


The Radiant Star class that had been scheduled has been postponed until Oct.


Sept. 14 9:30-1:30 Sampler Class #4.


Sept. 15  12:30-4:30 Book & Block # 3 of 6.


Sept. 28   1-4:30 Basic beginning Quilt Making # 1.  This is a 5 part class of learning the skill, tip and tricks of making your first quilt.  From choosing your tools, threads, fabrics, design, ironing vs. pressing, accurate cutting & sewing of seams, matching corners and sew much more with Twila.  $60 or $125.


October Classes, Clubs, News and Events:


Oct. 1 10-2.  Radiant Star Class#1 of 3  Do you love the tradional Lone or Radiant Star Quilt design.  Learn to make it in our 3 part class.  This is NOT a beginner class, but rather an Intermediate one.  There are many, many diamond seam intersections to match up, but there are some tips and tricks to making it easier and patience is always a plus and oh the loveliness of the completed design is so worth the work and wait.  Learn how to make Y seams made easy too.  Twila $60


Oct. 5 1-4:30 Basic Beginning Quilt making #2


Oct. 7  10-?  Mystery Quilt Club #4.


Oct. 8  10-2  Radiant Star #2.


Oct. 12 1-4:30  Basic Beginning Quilt making #3


Oct. 13 Shop closed for the WSQ Quilt Show set up.


Oct. 14-16 Join us at the Washington State Quilter’s Quilt Show at the Spokane County Fair and expo Center 10-6 Friday and Saturday, 10-4 Sunday.  Shop is closed and will reopen Monday at 9.


Oct. 19  1-4:30  Basic Beginning Quilt Making #4


Oct. 20  12:30-4:30 Book & Block Club # 4


Oct. 22  10-2 Radiant star class #3.


Oct. 21 & 22 Colville Piecemakers Quilt Show.  Friday 10-6, Saturday 10-4.


Oct. 26  1-4:30  Basic Beginning Quilt Making #5.


Oct. 29 1-4 Pumpkin Lane.  Have fun dressing up in costume and bring the kids to Trick or Treat the local businesses and enjoy hay rides, games and goodies.  As is our tradition, we will have fresh popped popcorn rather than candy to hand out.  Check out our inflatable decorations (weather permitting…too much wind would take them out).


November Clubs, news and events:


November 11 10-?  Mystery Quilt Club #5


Nov. 17  12:30-4:30  Book & Block #5


Nov. 24-27 Shop closed for Thanksgiving.  Happy Thanksgiving everyone!




Dec. 9  10-? Mystery Quilt Club #6.


Dec. 15  12:30-4:30 Final B&B of 2022 Putting it all together!


Dec. 19-23 7th Anniversary Sale.  Watch for more info to come.


Dec. 24-Jan. 1 Shop closed for Christmas.  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone.  We wish you a blessed , happy and love filled holiday.


Hopefully this gives you look at what is a head and you will join us for some of the fun.  Thank you for your continued support,

Jim & Twila


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