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January 2022 Newsletter

Good morning and Happy New Year 2022!

 We hope you had a wonderful and blessed holiday season full of Fun, Love and Surprises.  Even with the shop closed we did work.  Congratulations and Thank you to all you bought either New or used Handi Quilter machines from us.  We hope you have many, many years of enjoyment and productivity with your new best friend.  If you have any problems or questions, please feel free to call us and we will do everything in our power to help you out. 

We would like to thank everyone for your continued support.  We are grateful and thankful every day for you, your support and your encouragement.  It is because of you that we continue to be in business.  As always CASH or CHECK are greatly appreciated as yet again the fees to accept cards has gone up.  Using cash or checks help us keep our prices down.  This is more important than ever since our cost per yard as well as shipping has gone up unbelievably in the last year.  Which we are sure you have noticed in the price every where you go.

 Please be patient and understanding that Twila has been selected for a grand jury set to start on the 18th of January, so the shop will not open until 1 each day that week.  I will send out a message when I know I won’t need to be there any more.

January brings with it a new Book & Block Club and a new Club, Table Runner of the Month Club.  Book & Block will again be the 3rd Thursday of each month, but is only a 5 month series. $30 per month.  This is an in person, participation group.  The Table Runner of the month will be the 2nd Thursday of the month 12:30-4:30 and includes Kit/pattern for $35 per month.  Come on quilters we put these groups and classes together for you!


We are back open, See you Jan.3

 Jan. 13  12:30 – 4:30  Table Runner of the month club.  Each month will be a different themed table runner with colors to match the theme. $30.00 per month includes complete kit and pattern.

 Jan. 15th, 22th, 29th & Feb 5th  9-1;  Basic Beginner Quilting.  Learn all the basic skills to make your first quilt or brush up your skills.  Let’s start with all the basics to ensure that you get the finished quilt and knowledge that you want in your quilt projects. We talk and learn about:  Quality of Thread, Fabric and Battings, Color combo Choices, Pattern design choices, Accurate cutting, Seams and Squaring up, as well as finishing your quilt with continuous binding.   $60 for 16 hours of education time + book.  $125 for the 16 hours, book and quilting of your quilt.  Twila

 Jan. 15th, 22nd & 29th, 1-4pm Chick-a-dee in the Center Class.  This is a stacked repeat design around a fussy cut bird block with layers of sashing, corner stones and borders.  If you chose to use our fabrics the colors are soft Blue, lavender, light green and darker green.  It requires 6 fabrics if you chose to use other fabrics (list of amounts is available)  Class is $45.  Kits available. Book and template required. Naomi

 Jan. 20  2022 12:30 – 4:30.  Book & Block Club is to lay out and assembling our last B&B quilt.


 Feb. 10 12:30-4:30 Table Runner of the month.

 Feb. 17 12:30-4:30 Book & Block “A Wine Country Mistry”


I plan to send out a another updated mini January newsletter message between the 20th-23rd.  So keep a look out for it.

 We are accepting 5-6 quilts per month for quilting.  4 simple all over designs and 1 or 2 custom.  Quilts can be checked in between the 1-7 of each month.

 We hope you are safe, warm and healthy. Happy Quilting,

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