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Machine Repairs

Regular Service:

I encourage everyone to keep their machines clean and lubricated. I can show you how to do minor cleaning and oiling but most if not all machines should be serviced by a qualified service technician at regular intervals. I recommend at least once a year for gently use and twice a year for the more avid user.

Regular Service Drop-off:

We are offering a comprehensive 49 point service for $70.00. You can drop off your machine any time during normal hours and we I will fit it in during the week.

Saturday Service Appointments:

Starting Saturday, 16 January 2016 I will be booking, 4 reserved 2 hr time slots to get your machine serviced with the 49 point service for $70.00. After which your machine will be ready for you to take home again or if you prefer to leave your machine I will try to fit it in during the week at the same price and will call you when it is ready.

General Labor charges for repairs:

General labor charges are $40.00 per hour for repairs or replacement of parts once customer has approved the service.


If we do not have the parts in the shop and the machine is still working, I would suggest the customer keep the machine and we will contact them when the parts arrive. This avoids you being without your machine for longer times than absolutely necessary.

Scissors & Rotary Cutter Blades:

Starting July 2016 we now offer sharpening on most styles of scissors and sheers for $5.00, Pinking sheers for $7.50. Some brands use metal we can not sharpen so make sure to check with Casey or Jim before dropping your scissors off.

Loyalty Program:

Sewing machine Punch Card will be offered upon request. Have your machine serviced 3 times and the 4th one is on us. Each machine will be tracked by serial number.

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