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Subject: We will no longer be carrying the Elna brand Sewing machines.

First, let me say that the Elna brand is a great brand and the machines are very high quality.

Over the past 25 months we have had 7 models of the Elna machines ranging from the eXperience 580 through the little Zebra. During this trial period we have taken / promoted some of the models at two Quilt shows in 2016 (Colville and Ocean Shores) as well as expanding our shop just to provide a place for customers to demo them.

Our shop has taken a low pressure approach to selling sewing machines.   We are happy to answer questions and demo the machines for those who come in looking. We are not going to put their name on some list so we can call them just to try to make a sale. We would like customers to be happy with the choice of whatever machine fits their needs.


1)      We were a SUB-dealer and not a dealer which restricts us from setting our own prices.

2)      With the authorized Elna dealer less than 15 miles from our shop and selling the exact same machines we really did not see a lot of interest in the machines from customers.

3)      From the time we agreed to have this product in our shop it was implied that we should not have our Handi Quilter (HQ) Long-arms, but rather should carry a different mid arm machine which is manufactured by the same Parent company as Elna.
4)      We brought the HQ Stitch™ brand machines into the shop for a few reasons:

  1. There are no other Stitch™ retailers within a couple hundred miles.
  2. The Stitch™ machines are by HQ that we know they are a top quality, reliable machine that has been proven over time.
  3. We are certified by HQ to service the sewing machines as well as Long-Arms and can request parts directly from them.


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